Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Profile Artist: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

I just recently bumped in to this artist by the strangest way i was clicking on the tv and i saw him on Mtv (really on Mtv) out of all places that you dont look for cool music anymore you can actually get something. Anyways this project is makes amazing dance music.

the solo project of Orlando Dinosaur, an Oxford-bred twentysomething whose hummable dance music combines electro pop, euro house, and two-step beats. His All in One Sixty Dancehalls EP debuted in 2009 on Greco-Roman, a label run by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, and, in June of 2010, Dinosaur's follow-up, All in Two Sixty Dancehalls EP, featured “Garden,” a break-out duet which caught the ear of Annie Mac at BBC’s Radio One. Remix work followed for the likes of Wafa, Tinashé, , and Crystal Fighters as a full-length album was prepared for release in 2011.



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