Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scarlet Etienne Thinks that Maceo Plex is a Bully for criticising Nina Kraviz

Scarlett Etienne has leapt to the defence of the Russian DJ, who was shown taking a soapy bath in the film and has since drawn criticism from fans and some fellow DJs.

Etienne took to her Facebook page to say: "Nina Kraviz is lovely and everyone needs to shut up about her bath and her using her sexuality. We are women. We are entitled to be sensual."

Although the video, which was commissioned by Resident Advisor, sparked debate when it first appeared online, 'bath-gate' really kicked off yesterday when Maceo Plex criticised Kraviz, leading to an argument between the pair.

Etienne went on to say: "Maceo Plex bullying Nina with the 'sex sells' thing - She is BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED - Must she wear a bag over her head and sew up her holes?? That crappy chauvinistic attitude in dance music is the reason why I took a departure from it... Anyone who questions a woman's artistic integrity because they choose express themselves through subtle sensuality deserves to be drawn and quartered."

The documentary has sparked much debate among the dance music community and has even turned into something of an internet meme (see the Tumblr and the fan art). If you havent seen the video that started the whole controversy thing here it is:


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